Bill Payment and Cost Tracking Services

Under All Hampton Management’s bill payment and cost tracking service we would receive all your designated bills at our post office box and track and pay these bills from an interest bearing account set up under your name which you fund. We will produce monthly reports along with copies of all invoices paid. We will track all invoices coming in and classify them according to your reporting needs such as by capital improvements, furniture and fixtures, sales tax or expenses.

The goal of this service is to provide you with one comprehensive place to manage the finances of your property, track the improvements made, and make the necessary budgetary adjustments to run your property as efficiently as possible. When tax time comes we will provide all our reports to your tax advisors per your request.

You can use us exclusively for this service or you can combine this service with your property management service.

The fees for the bill paying and cost tracking are a monthly fee based upon volume and amount of bills you designate to be paid. If you require us to visit the property to check on services rendered we will bill you separately for the time devoted to these requests.

To get started please contact us and we will take the worry out of paying and tracking your bills and let you simply enjoy your home.

Download a complete list of our home and property management services for your Hamptons home.